Create a Free Account

Create a free account within 2 minutes. You get six (6) wallet addresses to receive, store and spend major cryptocoins including bitcoin and litecoin with two factor authenticator to further secure your wallets. Ensure you go through the KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) process to get your account verified.

Deposit Coins & Post Advert

Deposit bitcoin or litecoin into your account. You may buy on the platform by searching for the best price deals or create advert to buy coins. You can also spin and win bitcoin and litecoin. When you have coins on your account, you can then create sell advert for people to buy coins from you. Make sure you markup the selling price to include your profit and trade commission. Promote the link on social media platforms while we continue to find people you can trade with.

Start Trading Seamlessly

Open trade by clicking on buy or sell button. Then follow the process as a client or respond to trade request as a trader. Every transaction has escrow integration, chat tool, email and SMS notifications. You can withdraw your coins to external wallet anytime.

Trade Securely

It is important you activate two factor authentication (2FA) on your wallet in order to further secure your coins. Withdrawal and the release of coins during trade are routed via 2FA when it is enabled on your account.