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2020 Presidential Runner Andrew Yang Affirms Regulars Need To Be Clear With Crypto Rules and Regulations

2020 Presidential Runner Andrew Yang Affirms Regulars Need To Be Clear With Crypto Rules and Regulations

Andrew Yang is the crypto candidate for president of the United States. Because of this, he basically had to appear on Consensus 2019, the most important crypto conference in the United States. There, the hopeful candidate discussed several issues like Bitcoin, the blockchain technology and his pretension to run for the White House.

During his presentation, which had the participation of the Coin Center chief, Neeraj Agrawal, he spoke about a possible cryptocurrency of his own, YangCoin, and about the possibility of pitching himself as someone who is a politician but also a friend of the crypto community. He was already pretty famous within the community, mostly because he spoke about cryptocurrencies a lot and is one of the only politicians which is still positive about them right now.

He also spoke about how the traditional media is declining in influence these days and about how digital assets are increasingly getting important these days. Yang also described himself as the opposite of Trump, an Asian who actually likes math.

Obviously, he touched on one of his promises, to push the clarity around the regulation of cryptocurrencies forward. This way, he affirmed, people will be able to invest in the crypto space and to innovate without being afraid of any possible kind of regulatory shift.

One of his main complaints was that the framework being used in the United States was simply unclear and unfair. If the regulators decide the rules, they should make them clear enough so that people could understand them. In case they are not, they are simply not doing a very great job at all.

For instance, there is no objective clarity on whether some token is a security or not. They may be securities, commodities or something else but it is not always clear to know.

He also acknowledged that there are several digital privacy concerns involving crypto users. People want to make transactions without being monitored all the time by the government if they are not doing anything illegal.

Blockchain Is a Key Technology For The Future

One of the best aspects of Yang is that he is the only person with only a slight possibility of becoming the next U. S. president that is so focused on the blockchain technology. He affirms that he is a friend of the industry and has also pledged to support the company if he is able to pass the Democratic Party primaries and then become the president.

Yang said that it was a difficult work to develop on the blockchain but that the technology was the future and that they were going to “have some fun” if he was able to be in the White House.

Agrawal, who participated in the panel, affirmed that he was positive about the perspectives that Yang could bring to the technology and that he would be very useful in the White House, being a remarkable candidate that could bring a really powerful leadership.

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