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AXEL Network: Masternodes Content Distribution Network (CDN)?

AXEL Network: Masternodes Content Distribution Network (CDN)?

AXEL.Network is a distributed, decentralized, and secured platform by Masternodes and secured by years of tech experience and innovative products.

AXEL believes that decentralization is the future of the internet. The program is already live, a fully operational Masternode network that brings the future of the distributed web.

The platform has built its Content Distribution Network (CDN) from the grassroots to the peak with distributed technologies to foster a movement from centralized systems to a decentralized ecosystem. The network will change how the internet handles data.

Be a Part of the Decentralized Future

The AXEL.Network fuses together distributed technology with Masternodes to secure decentralized transactions in a process known as SOAP. Data transactions in its network are Secured, Organized, Authenticated, and Protected (SOAP), through a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. The SOAP process aims to set the standards for data management in the digital economy.

The SOAP process is at the core of the ecosystem and aims to stimulate a new generation of distributed products and services including the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), distributed databases (DBB), and Decentralized Applications (DApps).

The AXEL.Network was designed specifically to fully utilize Masternode Technology. Operators, data centers, and decentralization advocates can help the platform realize its full potential.

A Masternode Project Like No Other

The groundbreaking approach to data management is powered by Masternodes and designed with the same commitment to product innovation that has enabled millions of people to adopt the technology.

AXEL.Network creates its technology for products with a purpose—to build everyday value for consumers and businesses.

Powerful Technology, Highly rated Products

AXEL.Network has built products that people use and enjoy using its unique patented technology. Using a set of professional apps, AXEL has created products that provide content distribution and data custody.

The blockchain and Masternode technology will revolutionize these applications and many others.

Content Distribution the Right Way

AXEL.Network developers believe that the internet of data can be better. The platform seeks to solve the problem of latency—its vision is a network that powers the entire world of data. Data should be secure and protected, regardless of the geographical location of the owner.

Additionally, data needs to be built for the real world application. AXEL.Network allows faster data handling, cheap, efficient, and secure, which adds real value to users of the network.

Introducing SOAP

The SOAP process refers to Securing, Organizing, Authenticating, and Protecting data the AXEL way. AXEL’s proprietary SOAP process links all commits to the network to transaction hashes connected to the costs of the commits. This happens through the AXEL.Network’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Masternode Blockchain.

The AXEL Token is at the core of the entire process, to power the network. As a critical component of the SOAP process, the AXEL Token aims to bridge the SOAP process and the movement of data across the network.

SOAP Components

Secure: data written to the network is unchangeably linked to the transaction hash connected to the write. The transaction hash can be used to retrieve data associated with the write on IPFS, DDB, Blockchain, or any other distributed technology.

Other components include Organizing, Authenticating, and Protecting data using the AXEL.Network.

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