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Beyoncé Publicist Yvette Noel-Schure Honored By Berklee College of Music

Yvette Noel-Schure, the veteran public relations exec and longtime publicist for Beyoncé, received Berklee's first-ever Master of Global Entertainment Award last week at the university's Valencia, Spain outpost.

The award recognizes music industry leaders who promote multicultural diversity and opportunities for individuals from underserved communities. It was presented by executive director of the Valencia campus María Martínez Iturriaga at a March 14 event held in Noel-Schure’s honor, during which Berklee students performed spoken word poetry and Noel-Schure delved into her 30-year experience in the field during a Q&A session. 

“Yvette Noel-Schure is the most relevant PR professional within the music and entertainment industry today," said Iturriaga at the event. "Her passion and dedication to the artists she represents makes her an example to other colleagues and for future generations of industry professionals."

The Grenada-born Noel-Schure currently serves as vice president of her independent PR firm Schure Media Group, and has worked on press campaigns for an impressive roster of pop stars including Mariah Carey, Will SmithJessica Simpson, Prince, John Legend, Adele, Wyclef Jean and Destiny’s Child, through which she met Beyoncé.

At Berklee Valencia, Noel-Schure is a mentor for the Berklee Outstanding Women Scholarship, which supports female leadership in the music industry. “We are deeply grateful for her commitment to Berklee,” Iturriaga continued, “particularly to the Valencia campus, where, throughout the years, she has provided our students with a wider multicultural and inclusive approach towards their future role within the music industry. We are confident that this will result in an outstanding generation of executives among which Berklee students will proudly hold her legacy.”

"Berklee is in my heart for a number of reasons," Noel-Schure added. "People like me, women and men who have had long careers in this business, need to learn from those coming. It is also important to teach what we have learned, to pass down the knowledge, so future generations can do even better than you did. For that Berklee is the best."

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