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Deloitte Flaunts New Ethereum Project Launch At Consensus 2019 Despite VeChain Rumors

Deloitte Flaunts New Ethereum Project Launch At Consensus 2019 Despite VeChain Rumors

It is fair to say that Consensus 2019 is bombing. The Hilton Midtown Hotel is currently full of people and the event is in full swing. During a recent session, Deloitte talked about the recent rumors that the company would change from Ethereum to VeChain.

CCN talked to Antonio Senatore at the event, the global CTO of Deloitte. He discussed the involvement of the company with the blockchain technology.

He affirmed that the company still remains considerably committed to working with the Ethereum technology. Deloitte is a multi-platform company, meaning that at least half of their projects are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain but some will be made on other platforms like VeChain.

A member of the team affirmed that they all held a very highly regard for Ethereum and that it was certainly a very robust network that could be properly used for several different projects and even for interactions with platforms.

The CTO of the company also affirmed that they would certainly launch a very large project by the end of the year that would be based on Ethereum.

Deloitte Believes That No Single Platform Will Rule The Crypto Development World

While still defending its decision of keeping with the development of Ethereum, Deloitte has also affirmed that they did not believe that a single platform would end up ruling the development.

The rumors that VeChain would be used are, indeed, real, only the ones that the company would abandon Ethereum were not. VeChain will specifically be used for the company’s clients which have some different needs from the most common ones.

VeChain was actually chosen because some people deemed the costs of Ethereum to be too high and prices to be too volatile. This way, they were able to have a good backup choice in case someone did not like the idea of using Ethereum so much.

Deloitte ended by affirming that we are entering a new era in which people will start to use the blockchain for more specific purposes and, because of this, they will need a solution that is not the common one. Fortunately, we got more options every day.

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