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EOS New York Hits Back at AnChain’s Damaging Blockchain Bot Report in a Bare Knuckle Style

EOS New York Hits Back at AnChain’s Damaging Blockchain Bot Report in a Bare Knuckle Style

On 31 May, a blockchain security auditing firm known as AnChain published a report that indicated that dApps were failing to appeal to users and how the majority of dApps and networks based on EOS/Ethereum and other related blockchain networks, were ridden by bots. Now, it seems EOS New York did not take this lightly and the company has now refuted the allegations in a gloves off style.

In a Medium post, EOS has come out saying that AnChain misinterpreted the known facts. In the rebuttal, EOS claims that AnChain said it analyzed the top 10 gambling dApps supported by EOS, however, the report does not say the metrics used to rank these dApps. As a result, AnChain failed in its mission to de-legitimize EOS. The report by AnChain says that EOS has been labelled as useless by various media outlets. Which is false and only meant to tarnish the platform’s image. The post states:

“Nevertheless, nothing in’s report can be used to infer that EOS is any less fast, secure, decentralized, flexible, scalable or agile than it actually is.”

EOS New York says that the dismissive headlines claiming dApps are useless does not only maliciously attack EOS but other platforms that support smart contracts like Ethereum, Tron and NEO.

EOS has been in Existence for Only One Year

EOS New York explained that it has only been operational for one year and most of the dApps supported by the network are still in their nascent stages and will require some time before getting their footing in the industry. EOS posited that several blockchain based projects like Bitcoin have been around for over a decade and is yet to win a footing in the industry. Therefore, it is only prudent that critics give the dApps a chance to fully develop and find a footing in the industry.

EOS noted that despite being in the industry for a short period, there have been massive diversification in dApps supported by the platform. although gaming dApps are the majority, there are other dApps in finance, entertainment, utilities, social, shopping among others.

The post also touched on the origin of transactions, explaining:

“We are not interested in debating whether or not these transactions are driven by bots or humans. Nor do we wish to debate the intent behind the transactions at all because, frankly, EOS does not care about intent when processing transactions. Transaction intent of a subset of dApps is not important when evaluating the fitness of the EOS blockchain.”

However, EOS agrees with AnChain’s report regarding the fake activities on several dApps saying that verification, whether a business activity is authentic, is basic towards understanding the businesses overall value.

The post concludes by stating that the developers are optimistic that dApp ecosystem will mature and various businesses will alter how creators are valued in the market.

What’s your take on EOS New York’s response to AnChain? Let us know in the comments section.

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