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Google Classifies Bitcoin Core Software As Malware And Community Reacts Very Negatively

Google Classifies Bitcoin Core Software As Malware And Community Reacts Very Negatively

Google is often praised for its work. When you compare it to other giants such as Facebook, Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. are actually quite popular and uncontroversial. However, now a new scandal has made the crypto community get pretty pissed at Google.

The internet media giant has released its new June 3 Google Core Update this month and it caused several crypto sites to be flagged as malware, which saw their revenue and traffic decrease a lot.

Luke Dashjr, a prominent Bitcoin core dev went to social media to complain about Google then. He affirmed that Google notified him that it would block the access to Bitcoin Knots, a Bitcoin Core software. According to the company, the program was flagged as malware, so they would block it.

He tweeted that Google decided that a full BTC node was malware, which was a mistake and affirmed that “there is no way to appeal to a human”, which prompted him to call Google a malware. He also complained that Mozilla Firefox also just blindly trusted Google’s flagging without actually checking before.

The new update makes a warning screen appear before visitors are able to enter a new site while using their browsers. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome use the same malware blocking program, so the decisions are shared by the two companies, which actually amplified the issue for the community.

Dashjr complained that even the email he received from Google was automated and that it was hard to actually clear up the situation quickly. Another developer, “Virus Total”, affirmed that Bitcoin Knots is not a malware and that Google is pretty wrong this time. Virus Total is a Twitter user who often talks about malware and cryptos.

Most of these false positives appear because Google automates the service of finding malware. Obviously, sometimes they are wrong, which can cause quite a headache for the victims.

After the event, Google was pretty criticized by the community for not being tolerant enough with the crypto community and have terrible practices.

Unfortunately, the company did not answer anything up until this point and the program continues to be flagged at the time of this report.

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