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Huobi Global Reveals Bitcoin at a 50% Discount Offer to Celebrate the Bitcoin Pizza Day

Huobi Global Reveals Bitcoin at a 50% Discount Offer to Celebrate the Bitcoin Pizza Day

Today, the cryptocurrency community is celebrating the first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) transaction for a consumer product. This happened in Florida when Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 Bitcoin on two pizzas. Since that moment, the crypto community celebrates the Pizza Day. The recognized virtual currency exchange Huobi Global is currently offering Bitcoin at 50% discount for some users.

Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebrated By The Community

Today, purchasing a pizza with Bitcoin does not seem the straightforward way to do it, but it is becoming easier as time passes to buy one. Back on May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a crypto developer and programmer, paid a Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC to receive two Papa John’s pizzas. This amount was equal to $40.

Hanyecz wrote about it:

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“I’ll pay 10,000 Bitcoins for a couple of pizzas… like maybe 2 large ones so I have some left over for the next day. […] You can make the pizza yourself and bring it to my house or order it for me from a delivery place, but what I’m aiming for is getting food delivered in exchange for Bitcoins where I don’t have to order or prepare it myself.”

In order to complete the transaction, the user “jercos” accepted and sent two pizzas to Hanyecz. Just nine months after this pizza purchase, each Bitcoin was traded for $1 USD. These two pizzas were worth at that time more than $10,000. When Bitcoin reached $20,000, these 10,000 BTC were worth close to $200,000,000.

Huobi Global, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, is celebrating this day with a very interesting promotion. Huobi will be selling 1.5 million USDT in BTC to customers in different trading promos. The firm will be selling 20% of the funds at a 50% discount from Bitcoin’s market price. The remaining 80% of the funds will be sold at 12% off the market price.

The Pizza Day represents a very important moment for the cryptocurrency community that witnessed the first real-world transaction that was made using Bitcoin. At the moment, there are many different merchants accepting Bitcoin and dealing with virtual currencies.

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