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Liquefy Partners with NEO Global Development to Seek Security Token Ecosystem Creation

  •  Liquefy, the end-to-end tech solution firm is partnering with NEO Global Development in its quest to create a NEO-powered digital token ecosystem.
  • The partnership will allow Liquefy to generate the ecosystem and subsequently enable the asset holder to offer NEO based tokens.

Automating Token Management Process

According to the details regarding the partnership, NGD will invest in it, besides being a partner.

NEO is one of the largest protocols designed to tokenize assets and digital identities by leveraging the impenetrable blockchain technology. The protocol also automates how token assets can be managed, mainly using smart contracts. The recently updated NEO 3.0 makes the protocol even more efficient as it is more scalable and allows the building of a totally-integrated tokenized economy.

Liquefy’s CEO Is Optimistic About The Partnership

Following this latest development, Adrian Lai, Liquefy’s current CEO, is one happy individual. He believes that one smart step anyone can do right now when the industry is still in its infancy is to set a security token standard. He said that, for anyone eager to get started, NEO could be the best platform to launch it given the built-in NeoID which permits KYC, AML, and other certifications, while conserving privacy.

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According to him, the protocol is designed to allow security token issuers to keep an eye on and maintain proper records regarding all the transactions in the external market. He said that with such a feature, all transactions eventually become compliant in various jurisdictions. And with that, the CEO believes that having NGD as a partner-cum-investor, they’ll together bring innovation to the financial industry.

Through the Liquefy Platform, NEO stakeholders will have free access to the vast world of security tokens. It will have eliminated the often lengthy, expensive and cumbersome process of a private securities transfer. Basically, Liquefy being an end-to-end solution for businesses, it will be tasked with issuing and managing compliance across different jurisdictions.

Ultimately, Liquefy’s partnership and investment deal with NEO is going to greatly develop the whole security token platform. This, combined with NEO’s brainchild, the Digital Asset Alliance, which also has a list of companies, will significantly help at that.

About Liquefy

Liquefy, an end-to-end technology services firm ensures that asset holders enjoy a smooth experience while developing security tokens. It tokenizes technology, digitalizing members’ register plus all the commonly used management software. As at now, this company is currently operating in over 50 jurisdictions.

About NEO Global Development

It is a community-driven, open-source public and Blockchain-powered project. The project mainly uses decentralized technology to convert assets to digital form and effectively automate how digital assets are managed. It does all these using smart contracts and has already embarked on creating a distributed network known as “Smart Economy.”

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