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‘Men are idiots and I married their king’ – Nigerian lady’s car sticker reads

I really don’t if it just me or if you all feel Linda Ikeji and her staffs should ensure Emmanuel Kachi’s comment are not approved too often. It is making this media outlet less matured and disgusting. The joy of coming to read news always varnish whenever I open each post and I see his comment. I know everyone has right to their opinion and freedom of speech but always fronting an Idiot comment is honestly doing this blog no good. There is no joy in someone coming to read a post and at all time, being disgusted by the sight of the Emmanuel Kachi. It is now really terrible that I don’t even read his comment to feel disgusted. Just a sighting his name alone makes me flinch and close down the post I want to read, or I just read and stay extremly careful of not scrolling to the comment area so my whole day won’t be messed up. I always end up being sad after going through the comment section and it makes me to start looking for a better blog or better still, stick to Instablog9ja where comments are either hilarious or sensible. Having bunch of retards commenting on this blog has made this blog a retard community. TYNII is APC supporter, even though I am anti-APC, I found him reasonable enough because he does his sacarstic thing with senses, but Emmanuel Kachi is out of it.

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