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NanoGames: Safe Blockchain Gaming and Social Gambling Platform?

Nanogames is a fair and impartial prediction and guessing platform that aims to eradicate all unfair factors and make players feel comfortable and have fun. The platform has generated 10 million verified hashes and each hash corresponds to a curve crush multiplier.

However, the system releases the 10 million numbers in reverse order, each corresponding to one turn of the game, which means there are 10 million turns in total. In other words, the crash number of each turn already exists and is not calculated after the start of the game. This enables players to place their bets without concern.

What Is CRASH?

CRASH is an online multiplayer blockchain guessing game made as an increasing curve that may crash at any time.

How To Play CRASH

Before the game starts, a player has six seconds to place a bet. After the game starts, the multiplier gets higher and higher starting from 1X. The player can click on “Cash Out” any time to lock in the current multiplier and the payoff will be the player’s bets multiplied by the current multiplier.

The longer a player stays in the game, the higher the payoff. However, it’s important to note that the curve may crash at any moment. If a player fails to cash out before the crash, all the bets are lost. It is upon the player to choose when to cash out, whether at 1.01X or 10000X, but the decision has to be made in a split second!

What Is Bankroll?

The bankroll is the pool of money that the bankroller uses to pay out winners of the game. The maximum profit that a player can win from a round of the game depends on the size of the bankroll. The larger the bankroll, the more a player can win.

  • Each player can only win 0.75% of the bankroll per round
  • All players can only win 1.125% of the funds per round

All the same, players can bet on the bankroll and their bets added to the bankroll. In that situation, they win when the house wins and lose when the house loses.

How Does The Pool of Funds Operate?

The bankroll implements a shareholding system that allows everyone to participate and obtain the corresponding shares. The game has a 1% advantage to the dealer. After every round of the game, every time a player bets, 25% of the 1% house edge is awarded to the house as a commission. The rest of the house edge goes to bankrollers, but this does not affect the player’s income settlement. Payoffs made to the winning players are deducted from the bankroll.

The Bankroller Dilution Fee

Every time a player bets on the house, 2% of the bet is paid out to the other bankrollers based on their stake in the bankroll. It means that each time someone else bets on the house, a player is awarded a portion of the 2% dilution fee. For instance, if a player bets 1 ETH on the house, then 2% of the player’s house bet is distributed among other bankrollers and the remaining amount is added to the player’s stake.

To capitalize on the dilution fee, a player should bet as much as he or she can on the house as early as possible. As players maximize their stake, they equally maximize their claim on future dilution fees. It is the platform’s way of rewarding long-time bankrollers.

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