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Sparrow Exchange: Safe Bitcoin and Etheruem Options Trading?

Sparrow Exchange Review: Safe Bitcoin and Etheruem Options Trading?

Sparrow is the leading platform for options trading settled by smart contract. It empowers individual and institutional traders to store, buy, and sell digital asset options in a transparent, customizable, and simple manner. Sparrow was established in Singapore in 2018 Kenneth Yeo and Adrian Tan.

The founders are both professional proprietary traders with experience in trading derivatives in regulated markets. The team is committed to serving the needs of a maturing cryptocurrency market with the right tools to control risk.

Mission and Vision of Sparrow

The mission of Sparrow is to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency options platform. The vision is to give the world the confidence to trade anything. The following are the core values of Sparrow:


Sparrow believes in the power of collaboration, working with industry partners, exchanges, and regulators to serve the needs of cryptocurrency participants.


Sparrow seeks to empower anyone to trade confidently and consistently by building platforms and tools that give them simplicity and security. Besides, they treat everyone the way they want to be treated in all their dealings—with respect.


The developers of Sparrow believe in taking responsibility for their actions and having the conviction and moral courage to do the right thing always.

Take Control, Trade Confidently

Sparrow is the leading options trading platform, which provides traders with the simplest way to control risk and monetize digital assets. The revolutionary platform empowers both individuals and institutions to trade options that are settled by smart contract.

Why Sparrow?

  • Simple: Sparrow options are covered and the simplest way to control risk and boost trade returns.
  • Customizable: the platform offers full-featured, customizable, and highly-liquid options trading, supporting the needs of both retail and institutional traders.
  • Reliable: Sparrow options are settled on Ethereum smart contracts on the NIDUS chain, which enables transparent settlement of digital assets.
  • Secure: the platform offers industry-leading security and compliance. Traders’ assets are secured to the highest security standards that are independently audited.

What Sparrow Offers

Sparrow Options: their options are more liquid than OTC options and more customizable compared to traded options. Traders can enjoy both worlds.

TradeProtect and TradeBoost: It offers simplified option products that anyone can use. Users can create an option in three simple steps.

ConvertNOW Facility (CNF): Sparrow allows traders to instantly swap their digital assets ant any specific amounts at the best market price. It’s simple, secure, and zero fees.

API Trading: Sparrow offers trading APIs and attractive volume-based rebates for professionals.

Security on Sparrow Platform

Sparrow has a deep commitment to protecting their traders from potential security risks. The platform adopts industry best practices and strategies in cybersecurity to ensure their users and assets remain safe.

Besides, the platform collaborates with security professionals to tap on their community and constantly improve the platform for their users.

A layered Security Architecture

Sparrow designed its system security based on a layered-security approach that maintains the appropriate security measures and procedures at five different levels within the system design.

  • Perimeter defense with firewalls to separate public internet from private demilitarized zones (DMZ)
  • Data protection including IP Whitelisting, Kerberos authentication, and AES Data encryption
  • Networks isolation using network subnets, IPS, and access authentication control to separate application communications
  • Application-level security including application based on authentication, SQL injection, and XSS vulnerability protections
  • Host level protection that includes host-based IDS, Virtual Applicances, and Anti-malware protections

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