How Sleekarena Affiliate Program Works

Sleekarena affiliate program is simple and straight forward. All you need to do is grab your referral link and start inviting people to trade cryptocurrency (buy or sell bitcoin and litecoin) on Sleekarena Peer-2-Peer trading platform through your link.

Once anyone registered (create account) through your referral link, you get paid 30% of the transaction fee anytime they trade (SELL) coins either bitcoin or litecoin on Sleekarena. Then, you get another $2 dollars for  every user that signup and trade on the exchanger.

And you get paid instantly throughout the life-cycle of the person you referred.

Our transaction fee is 0.8% for bitcoin and 1% for litecoin irrespective of the amount traded. So, you get 30% of 0.8% whenever your referral sells bitcoin and 30% of 1% each time the person you referred sells Litecoin.

If the person you referred sells 10 BTC for instance (the transaction fee at 0.8% is 0.08 BTC), you get 0.024 BTC. Then if the person sells 10 LTC, you get 0.03 LTC. That is what you will receive any time your referral trade bitcoin or litecoin on Sleekarena.

Why You Should Become Sleekarena Affiliate

1. It is simple and easy to join.

2. You get paid for life, as long as the person you referred keeps trading on the platform. No limitation, no barrier, no cutting off.

3. Your payment is made instantly as soon as the trade cycle is completed. No delay, no waiting.

4. You can withdraw your commission anytime. No threshold.

5. One account serves both trading and affiliate management.

6. We are one of the highest paid commission for affiliate in the industry.

How to Join

Simply register here to open a free account on Sleekarena P2P platform. Only then can you become an affiliate. Now, click “Affiliate Account” on your wallet dashboard and grab your referral link.

Start referring people to trade on Sleekarena through your link. That’s all! You also have banners you can use to draw in the attention of your target audience.

What are you waiting for? Start referring people to trade cryptocurrency while you keep filling your wallet with bitcoins and litecoins. Remember, you earn commission for life.  Terms and condition apply.